Migrants in Mexico

Migrants in Mexico

From: redoubtnews.com                                by Danielle Ahrens



Last week I went to Tijuana, Mexico to support a family member who was having surgery at a surgical center down there. Their insurance in the US stated that it wouldn’t cover it. We found out that it would cost 35,000 in the US but only 5,000 in Mexico.

Medical tourism is a huge business on the border with thousands of Americans coming down everyday for dental and medical services. We decided to go to a surgical center that specializes in only this surgery down in Tijuana,  Mexico.

While I was down there, I wanted to ask the locals about the truth of what was going on with the migrants who were coming up from Honduras and see how different that was from the news that we were receiving in the states.

I talked to street vendors, nurses, orderlies,  drivers and others in Mexico. Several of the people that I talked to stated that the 7,000+ people that had come up with the group were mostly young men under or around 30 years old. Locals had offered the migrants rice and beans but the response from them was this is pig food we want pizza.

The migrants were angry because they had been told by the organizers in Honduras that it would be easy to get into the US and that they could just walk across the border.

The mayor of Tijuana said they were spending over 30,000 dollars a day to feed this group and it wasn’t fair to the citizens who pay taxes to have their money taken away from schools and city services for this group of thousands of uninvited people.

Many of the migrants were offered well paying jobs in Tijuana but they refused saying they only wanted to go to the US for work. Several years ago several thousand Haitians came in to Tijuana and thought that they could get into the US also but, when that didn’t happen, they quickly found work and blended right in.

This new group of migrants that have come in the last several weeks, the locals said they are belligerent and show thug like behavior.  They don’t want to fit in with the locals and are demanding services. This is not sitting well at all with the very hard working Tijuanans for whom 5.00 a day is considered a good wage for a job.

When the migrants rushed the border officers and started assaulting them the locals were furious because they cant work or make a living if the border gets shut down for any length of time.  They don’t want any violence or trouble being brought into this area from those with other agendas.

The most surprising thing that I saw was a huge statue of Abraham Lincoln on the Paseo de los Heroes (The road of Heroes) which is a main road in Tijuana.  Several people said that our President Donald Trump was a hero to many because he was a regular citizen who has made our economy boom and so there is work for everyone now that the US is doing so well then Mexico is too.

Medical tourism is so large that they have several lanes just for the medical transports into Mexico at the border.

After several days we went down to Rosarito Beach for another day of recovery at one of the condos that the surgery center owned. We met several other Americans that were recovering from surgeries as well.

During the day we were made aware of a flyer that was being passed around to the migrants. They planned to rush the border again on Sunday morning so we planned on leaving at 7:00am to try to be one of the first vehicles to get through to the US. We were reading that Antifa was behind this latest flyer.

When we drove by the migrant camp on the way to the border we saw lots of Federales and their vehicles and vans and it appeared that they were clearing out the last of the migrants with lots of clothes and trash left behind.

The migrants were supposedly moved to an area 45 minutes from the border so that there would not be anymore attacks or trouble. Some are leaving and returning to Honduras and were upset that they were lied to about the wonderful things that they were going to get once they made it to the border.

I was so grateful to make it to the border where vendors were running up to each of our windows selling blankets, statues,  tequila and assorted food and drinks.

I was very happy to see our American flag flying and our Border patrol officers in mass along with US soldiers.

I’ve come back a different person after seeing a city of over 1.9 million people many of whom have a very difficult struggle daily to survive and work. I am humble and grateful to be an American citizen and I am beyond proud of our President Donald Trump and his strong love and support for the American people.

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