Simpson, Crapo, and Risch Are Part of the Problem

Simpson, Crapo, and Risch Are Part of the Problem


I don’t care a whit about how well a U.S. senator or representative has done for a state, but when they vote the way these three did on the gift of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to someone as devious as Obama that’s constitutionally theirresponsibility, that’s one thing. But when you recognize all dangers to our future that this extremely secretive and deceitful project is really about that makes it even much worse. Then if all that isn’t bad enough congress’s caveat to us for all that will probably happen is to assure us that they will assure availability of Trade Adjustment Assistance to pay Americans who lose their jobs as a result of this insane fiasco with more of our tax money.

Now let me see, our tax coffers will be lightened from the loss of jobs, and the rest of us are supposed to pay these folks with what’s left in our tax coffers to compensate them for not working. Have you ever heard of anything on earth more socialistic than that? Socialism has never succeeded in history.

Senators Crapo and Risch have been very good at their job and Congressman Simpson fairly well as voting records go. But if upstanding productive citizens all of a sudden rob your uninsured bank where your savings are, do you look the other way or deal with them. These men are not stupid and they are not uninformed. They have bought into a very sorry scenario for the future of our republic and in a perfect world they should be replaced with better real conservative patriots. However, since Crapo and Risch are not likely to be replaced easily they should at least go forward knowing that they will not have the trust they once enjoyed.


States Joe Wolverton, II, JD of The New American magazine, “The U.S. Senate is full of men and women who paid for their office and now expect to be paid for using the power they bought. The latest example comes from the vote on granting the president trade-promotion authority (TPA) — power to “fast track” passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“The Guardian reports that ‘Fast-tracking the TPP, meaning its passage through Congress without having its contents available for debate or amendments, was only possible after lots of corporate money exchanged hands with senators.’

“In other words, senators — each of whom swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution — have been bribed to ignore our founding document and deliver power over the country’s trade policy to the president and globalist bureaucrats who will manage the TPP.

“Remarkably, the votes on the legislation accomplishing this atrocity weren’t even close.

“On May 14, the Senate approved the TPA bill 65-33 and then 62 of those same senators voted a few days later to shut down debate on the matter.

“How much money would it take to convince those “impress majorities” to violate their oaths of office and sacrifice American sovereignty on the altar of “free trade?” The Guardian has identified the source of the money and the senators who participated in the bipartisan betrayal:

“Using data from the Federal Election Commission, this chart shows all donations that corporate members of the U.S. Business Coalition for TPP made to U.S. Senate campaigns between January and March 2015, when fast-tracking the TPP was being debated in the Senate:

“Out of the total $1,148,971 given, an average of $17,676.48 was donated to each of the 65 “yea” votes.

“The average Republican member received $19,673.28 from corporate TPP supporters.

“The average Democrat received $9,689.23 from those same donors.”

Can’t Leave Out the Republicans!

“The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.” – President John F. Kennedy

I and many other Republicans are sickened by the D.C. Republican leadership and their lockstep devoted followers who have blindly, or on the dole, usurped their Constitutional responsibility to the devious, serial liar that gave us ObamaCare and much else that’s taking our country down by giving him the secretive fast track authority now with the new name of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which will springboard us into the monstrous clandestine trade packages that will truly transform us into a member state of a global government run by unaccountable, unelected global power elitists who know best for everyone about everything.

States Bill Jasper, senior editor of The New American magazine, “The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPA) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) constitute an all-out assault on, and an existential threat to, America’s sovereignty and independence. These twin, trans-oceanic agreements are massive schemes that propose a very radical transformation of the global politico-economic system, with revolutionary integration and convergence of the major Atlantic and Pacific nations.

“Modern Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs, such as NAFTA, TPP, and TTIP) have become so comprehensive and complex that they guarantee conflict — both among the nations that are party to the agreement, as well as between private parties and the various nation-state parties. Resolving the conflict means resorting to adjudication. As with NAFTA, the TPP and TTIP create conflict resolution tribunals (courts) that claim the authority to overrule national, state, and local laws, as well as national and state courts and national and state constitutions. Additionally, PTA members often opt to appeal their cases to the World Trade Organization tribunal, which claims global judicial authority. In practice, this amounts, virtually, to legislating globally from the bench, striking down laws and ordering revisions. This is not merely a theoretical threat, it is already happening.”


I would have never dreamed I would say “Praise be to Democrats” and I never would have thought that Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Ron Wyden, Alan Grayson and Harry ‘Black Eye’ Reid would be on the right side of something so vitally important to the continuation of our country. They roundly took a stand for labor and the threat this big Trojan Horse poses to many issues having nothing to do with ‘Free Trade’ while endangering our very sovereignty.

Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement after the Senate voted to advance fast-track trade legislation:

 “It is no secret that I have never voted for fast-track or a trade agreement. In the 20 years since we enacted NAFTA, there has been no compelling, concrete evidence to show that America’s trade agreements create American jobs or raise American wages. At a time when we as a country are struggling to enact policies that strengthen America’s middle class, I do not believe that we should pass legislation that could hollow it out.

“At its heart, the debate over fast-track is one about large corporations versus everyday Americans. Once these big trade deals are complete, big businesses and foreign corporations will be just fine. Everyday Americans will be the ones left to struggle. Small businesses will have to compete against foreign competitors who often refuse to play by the rules. And we concede that factories will close in the face of this unfair competition. That is why Senate Democrats insist that Trade Adjustment Assistance be renewed – to help those American workers whose jobs we know will be lost because of these trade agreements.

“My colleagues who support this legislation are acting in good faith based on what they believe is right. I simply disagree with them. Every day in this Chamber we make a choice about whether we will serve large business interests or America’s middle class. Today, I believe we made the wrong choice.”


Bill Jasper continues: “Unfortunately, some of the loudest critics on this score are notorious leftists who regularly parade against capitalism. Republican leaders have been able to use that fact as a reason to disregard the compelling evidence that these criticisms of TPP/TTIP are solidly based. First of all, it is important to note that in most cases the big, international mega-corporations long ago ceased to consider themselves American companies and also long ago ceased to favor free enterprise capitalism: They are corporate welfare drones, the masters of government bailouts, government loans, government subsidies, government contracts. They are little different from the giant State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) or “private” corporations owned by communist princelings and commissars in China and Russia.”

“In 1993, the year before NAFTA went into effect, the United States had a $1.66 billion trade surplus with Mexico; by 1995, the first year after NAFTA had entered into force that changed to a $15.8 billion deficit. By 2000, that annual deficit had soared to $24.5 billion, and by 2007 it hit $74.7 billion. For 2014, our trade deficit with Mexico dipped to only $53.8 billion. In 1993, the year before NAFTA, we imported around 225,000 cars and trucks from Mexico. By 2005, our imports of Mexican-made vehicles had tripled to 700,000 vehicles annually, and in 2012, Mexico’s export of vehicles to the United States surpassed 1.4 million. Chrysler, Ford, and GM transferred major production facilities (and jobs) from the United States to Mexico. Our trade deficits with Canada have followed a similar path since adoption of NAFTA.

“The Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) authors and other pseudo-free trade propagandists had cherry-picked data and simply invented statistics to fraudulently sell their product: NAFTA. If they were car salesmen, they would have gone to jail for fraud and misrepresentation. Instead, they are back doing the same thing, concocting rosy statistics to sell the TPP and TTIP.” – Unquote Bill Jasper

Furthermore the firebrand Washington State Senator named Matt Shea states that TPA is unconstitutional as it is a treaty in intent and calling it an agreement does not make it so. Article 11 Section 2 states that a 2/3 vote of the Senate is mandatory for a treaty to become law and no foreign law or tribunal is about the U.S. Constitution.

In the words of Daniel Webster, “Is our Constitution worth preserving? Guard it as you would guard the seat of your life, guard it not only against the open blows of violence, but also against that spirit of change…Miracles do not cluster. That which has happened but once in six thousand years, cannot be expected to happen often. Such a government, once destroyed, would have a void to be filled, perhaps for centuries, with evolution and tumult, riot and despotism.”