Reality Denial

Reality Denial


It’s been said that we get the government we deserve. I guess we’ve been really, really bad for the last couple decades. The majority of Americans are utterly clueless about truth and reality while accepting the skillfully presented poisonous lies being fed us from the education sector, big media news and the entertainment industry that don’t square with actual facts. And entirely too trusting of all elected politicians.

Listlessness and ‘tuning out’ on our responsibilities as the stewards of our government has become the norm. It is ourgovernment and we are not running it. The Barbarians are not at the gate, they – are – in – the – hacienda, amigo! As American citizens with ownership responsibilities our people have become, in a figure of speech, ‘fat, lazy and mindless.’


All Americans must rediscover or learn that we are supposed to be the rulers of our Republic. We are not serfs in a kingdom yet and we are not a Democracy! Democracies are ruled by a majority of people who decide directly what they want. All true democracies in history have failed because of the greed of those majorities. Although we choose our elected representatives by a majority vote, we are ruled by laws those representatives create in our Republic. Our nation’s founding fathers established the Electoral College in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President and Vice President by a vote in Congress and their election by a popular vote of qualified citizens to assure that a mere majority-rule will not necessarily prevail like it would in a democracy.

The problem is that we are not being represented by real patriots that follow their oaths to our Constitution which they swore to uphold. Our legislators are oblivious to the fact that they are not in Congress to create rules for us to live by thusly regulating every aspect of our lives and restraining our businesses’ ability to compete with other nations’ businesses that operate unfettered with such nonsensical handicaps. Legislators operate as a legislative mill trying to right every wrong, solve every problem, create new projects, answer every whim, and generally feel good about keeping busy doing work ‘for their constituents.’ Our legislators are most certainly not there to spend more money than our citizens pay in taxes no matter what their justification which usually has an underlying basis from special interests. Never mind the Constitution, ledger accountability and reality. The overreach of big government’s landslide meting out of countless laws, regulations, rules and taxes has reached the level of insanity and is about to bury us as surely as something really bad is about to befall those frogs that better get out of that near boiling water quickly.

It is the fault of we the citizens for not paying attention to these irresponsible elected officials that commit the heinous crime of violating their oaths to the Constitution and our public trust and allowing them to remain in place as sure as we would be guilty of allowing known criminals to continue robbing banks. We are ignoring reality. Our tax money should be used for necessities spelled out in the Constitution only and oaths to the Constitution must be upheld. The rest of government is our problem and shouldn’t even exist with the government running it and we are ignoring that fact. But all those programs and government goodies are simply power tools. Socialists have never seen anything they didn’t want to run with their ‘better ideas.’ ‘Remember what we did for you at the polls.’ – Remember power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


“Our progressive educational leaders have learned how to deceive parents and the taxpaying public and get away with it. They know that the children are powerless to resist their abuse. And they know how to blame academic failure on the children and not themselves. Indeed, they revel in the idea that they are, as Obama put it, ‘fundamentally transforming America’ to be more in line with their totalitarian views. Only an enlightened public, will be able to put a stop to this degradation of American education.” —  Samuel Blumenfeld & Alex Newman in their book ‘Crimes of the Educators’


“The mainstream media’s economic coverage is routinely muddied, ill-informed and inaccurate. Too often, it seems, those in the news business who report on the economy don’t have a solid grounding in economics. But more disturbing is that with taxes and the economy, as with so many other issues, the media care less about the truth than about the political agenda they are trying to further. Rather than offering Americans balanced, objective reporting, the news media serve as flacks for the Democratic Party.” —  Brent Bozell, III in his book ‘Weapons of Mass Distortion’


“As a nation, we no longer believe that popular culture enriches our lives. Few of us view the show business capital as a magical source of uplifting entertainment, romantic inspiration or even harmless fun. Instead, tens of millions of Americans now see the entertainment industry as an all-powerful enemy, an alien force that assaults our most cherished values and corrupts our children. The dream factory has become the poison factory.” —  Michael Medved in his book ‘Hollywood vs. America’

The enduring influence of education, big media and Hollywood sectors are affecting change in America as effectively as that proverbial boiling pan of water is on the poor frogs. People are too trusting, not paying attention and denying reality staring them in the face. We are going away rapidly as a great nation and a sovereign nation.

Americans must quit denying reality. Follow real verified news, study issues, study voting records at the Freedom Indexes in D.C at The Freedom Index at and in Idaho at, inform others and cull the vermin at the voting booth.

Two further quotes to wrap this up:

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” — Aldous Huxley

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” — Edmund Burke