The Insanity of Liberalism

The Insanity of Liberalism


Liberals can’t help themselves from constantly dreaming up ideas they believe to be best for everyone, as they see it. The basis of their daydreams are usually rooted in their compulsion to control others in their quest for power. It appears nothing is too farfetched or actually bizarre for their creations. The real talent these charlatans possess lies in often developing incredibly righteous sounding names that feature similar righteous sounding and memorable acronyms for endless programs such as Common Core, TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), Planned Parenthood, ACA (Affordable Care Act), Agenda 21, ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform), No Child Left Behind, AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) and the list seems to go into infinity… all to help us.

The insanity of all this liberal socialism is that we taxpayers have to pay for it all until there are no more of us working enough to supply the tax money it requires because the onslaught of so many costly programs with their subsequent costs of expanded government, it’s inefficiencies and wastes on the back of expanded taxes making us the highest taxed nation on earth are killing our golden goose commerce and its commensurate jobs. Foolishness is part of the definition for insanity and the refusal to balance a balance sheet is a big symptom.

Then there are all those far left leaning organizations out there with great sounding names that are steadily trying to dissolve us down to 3rd world nation status which most of seem to be funded by or partly by George SorosWith names like Advancement Project, All of Us or None, Alliance for Justice, America Coming Together, America’s Voice, American Bar Association Commission on Immigration Policy, American Bridge 21st Century, American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, American Family Voices, American Federation of Teachers, American Friends Service Committee, American Immigration Council, American Immigration Law Foundation, American Independent News Network, American Institute for Social Justice and this is only about half way through just the A’s in this very long ultra-liberal list of efforts to clandestinely take America in a non-traditional direction toward socialism and a World Government. See the complete list here.

“The Whiggish assumption in contemporary politics that today must be better than yesterday, this year more advanced than last year, this century wiser than the one that preceded it is held most dogmatically by so-called progressives. For them history is a vehicle with no reverse gear, and the engine that powers it is nothing more or less than the State. This is the hardened metaphysical, dogmatic cliché that makes it possible for journalists to glibly describe any expansion of the government into our lives as a ‘step forward’ or an ‘advancement’ and any retrenchment of government as a step ‘backward.’ A Republican proposal of market-based reform always amounts to ‘turning back the clock.’” – Quote from Jonah Goldberg in his book ‘The Tyranny of Cliches’

Another quote that is apropos here comes from Ronald H. Nash in his book ‘Closing of the American Heart,’

“The proper response to any report card about American education must include such emotions as anger, resentment, despair and grief. We should feel grief and despair at the millions of young lives that have been deprived of a proper education and at what those individuals, their families, and our nation will lose as a result.

“But we should also feel real anger and resentment at those people and institutions that are responsible for all this. These were people and institutions that readily took billions of dollars in public and private money, profited personally from the system, and have through their incompetence, ignorance, greed and assorted intellectual and moral vices created the intellectual and moral crisis that now afflicts every level of American education.”

Both parties have been part of all this destruction of our once great system. There are certainly way too many neo-conservatives and RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only). Republicans are supposed to be about limited government, free markets, personal responsibility, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense. R-i-i-g-g-h-t-t. So much for oaths and party platforms. Case in point: their recent vote on the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which they were actually giddy about and proudly presented to Obama.

Liberalism is socialism and socialism demands big government. Liberals have traditionally been about balancing social mores, establishing equality and even guarantees for individuals and commerce through government programs. The more programs the more power they expropriate. Socialism has never succeeded as a government and the true mark of the insanity of liberals is that liberal/socialist provocateurs keep making the same mistakes in the face of all their existing failures. If what they are doing is not about power and world domination then they have exhibited – the true mark of insanity by continuing to doing the same kind of stupid stuff repeatedly: Government hand-outs are dis-incentivizing people to work • subsidies and bailouts unbalancing the free market • 30 hour work weeks forcing people to get 2nd jobs falsely props up job reports • overburdening regulations, high taxes and poor fair trade laws are forcing layoffs as well as closing businesses • and the sheer weight of constant bad news and outright lies trumpeted by the sorry ultra-liberal media supporting the liberal agenda. All this and much more is overwhelmingly taking its toll on citizens’ faith in the people we have elected in both parties who are part and parcel to it all.

Of the many definitions that can be found for liberalism on such sites as ‘The Free Dictionary, reality today recognizes the far left of the democratic party as the liberals’ ‘liberal elite Crème de la crème’ in American politics. Their agenda is socialism for everyone right out of the world of Karl Marx and they are very much aligned with the deceitful and clandestine Council on Foreign Relations that is joined at the hip with the United Nations. All these folks would have you believe our Constitutional system of the rule of law is old and clearly doesn’t work anymore. Well it has been responsible for making America the greatest and unquestioned most successful nation on earth until their kind started becoming very successful with their insanity laced endeavors that have been so effective in transforming us away from what brought us. They’ve been accomplishing all they have by using naive and foolish politicians (and that’s being polite) as well as the many on the take from the overabundance of special interest LOBBYI$T$ and PAC’s. Never mind their oaths to our Constitution.

America’s citizens have facilitated what we are getting by our inattentiveness and careless attitudes regarding the violations of our trust and oaths to our Constitution on the part of most elected officials. The liberal mantra, alive and well, is insanity. We need to stop tolerating it. So like I said in the last issue, we get the government we deserve. Obama is just the ‘Great Facilitator.’ We must stand up and fight these fools or geniuses of iniquitous character by studying issues, informing others, studying voting records in the U.S. Congress by going to and at the Statehouse here in Idaho by going to and then culling our political poison in the poll booth with enthusiasm. Repeating myself, we must inform others, and especially make the effort to awaken young people about the ‘real world’ and the eminent crisis we are charging toward in our reckoning with utter accountability. Note: You must check out the article from National Review called Liberal Bullshit.

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” – Sir Winston Churchill

“No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.’ – Barbara Ehrenreich, The Worst Years of Our Lives: Irreverent Notes from a Decade of Greed