VIDEO: The Best Detailed Synopsis of FBI & DOJ Corruption

VIDEO: The Best Detailed Synopsis of FBI & DOJ…


A must-see 31-minute video!

In April of 2016, the FISA court issued a 99-page opinion which most people have never heard of. That opinion describes illegal activity by the FBI, illegal activity by contractors and it calls it the improper disclosure of raw intelligence about Americans to unauthorized individuals. All those things the bureau did and the contractors did were crimes.

In this video former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova discloses much information divulging names and specifics about the plot to stop the Trump campaign and later to undermine his presidency. His outline is comprehensive, compelling and very believable given the amount of other information now starting to dribble out in the media.

The Dailey Caller News Foundation’s exclusive interview of Mr. diGenova deserves a lot of credit for getting this done concisely and quickly.

The above graphic is from the which presents an impressive array of graphics and resource links on their website that is pertinent to this report.