The DOJ is Entirely Too ‘Rosie’

The DOJ is Entirely Too ‘Rosie’


Like in ‘Rosie’ Rosenstein. The Department of Justice (DOJ) seems to be all about his ACTIONS and PROPAGANDA.


• To start with the four FISA surveillance applications were signed by, in various combinations, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. So from the get-go he was in on the Russian Dossier, its origins and intent.

• It was Rosenstein who created the ‘witch hunt’ and deliberately put a monkey on President Trump’s back by creating the Special Counsel with ‘Deep State Mueller’ running it.

• Rosenstein was fully aware of how extremely partisan the long knives of the Mueller team were and was likely encouraging the direction they took as its facilitator.

• FBI Director Chris Wray and Rosenstein rushed to the White House to plead with Kelly to keep the Republican memo secret. They brazenly went public to warn the White House against doing what Trump said he was going to do. It should have been considered obvious that they were more concerned about the exposure of misconduct in their own agencies than they were about threats to the national security. This was an act of extreme insubordination.


Rosenstein’s new Feb. 16th grand 37-page indictment charges 13 Russian nationals and three Russian organizations for committing federal crimes while seeking to interfere in the United States political system, including the 2016 presidential election. The indictment goes into claiming the Russians used stolen or fictitious American identities, fraudulent bank accounts and false identification documents. Rosenstein said they posed as socially and politically active Americans advocating for and against Americans. Interesting.

The propaganda whamos in the indictment were Rosenstein stating, “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity.” and “By early to mid-2016, defendants’ operations included supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaging Hillary Clinton.” Really?!!!

So there we have it. We are to believe now that Hillary was not involved in anything Russian because she too was targeted by these evil Russians who would benefit no matter who won because they affected the election by staging both pro and anti-Trump rallies and Hillary was ‘disparaged.’ The major thrust of the indictment is that this was a Russian government operation. Like in, since it was that, Hillary wasn’t involved. There you have it. Isn’t that just sweet? Perfect propaganda for his deep state comrades in the fake news media.

To support Rosenstein’s main objective, in my opinion, of establishing that no Americans (specifically Hillary) were involved with the Russians, talking heads have been sent out to the media to back him up. On Fox News Special Report with Brett Bair, such an emissary, George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said “This makes more sense than the narrative that everyone’s been throwing around in conspiracies. This began in 2014 before the presidential election. The Russians were taking targets of opportunity and they were shooting at everybody in the election. But they were certainly working more against Hillary Clinton.” Sure.

Again, that last statement underscores my main point that Rosenstein is all about trying to remove Hillary’s role as the antagonist by turning her into the proverbial victim, a role with which she is very familiar.

It is interesting also that all this is coming from Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein, not Attorney General Jeff “I’m recused” Sessions. Where is Sessions? Does he still work there? If he does, why isn’t he busying himself with investigating and prosecuting all the Teflon Democrats that there is so much real evidence of violations to be dealt with? Is ‘Deep State Rosie’ running the whole show at DOJ?

Washington Post writer Carl Bernstein has another view on all this that might amuse you, “Rosenstein’s timing on this announcement could not be more brilliant in terms of undercutting the president of the United States in his attacks on the Mueller investigation. It is a master stroke by Mueller and by Rosenstein that makes it extraordinarily difficult for Trump to end this investigation.”

In his article ‘Media Smothers Indictment in Clinton-Obama Uranium One Russia Deal,‘ senior editor to, William F. Jasper states, “Hillary and her co-conspirators in the Uranium One conspiracy need to go to jail. For reasons unknown, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has dragged his feet on this issue, and even misled congressional committees by stating that Lambert-Mikerin-TENEX/Rosatom prosecution is not connected to Uranium One, when in fact it is. Perhaps it is because he is listening to his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the Obama holdover that Trump and Sessions unwisely put in the No. 2 position at DOJ. Like Robert Mueller, whom Rosenstein appointed to be Special Counsel to investigate Trump-Russia “collusion,” Rosenstein has a concentrated interest in keeping the focus on Trump and associates — and away from the Clinton-Obama cabal. A genuine investigation/prosecution of the real “Russiagate” collusion, conspiracy, and treason would put not only Bill and Hillary Clinton (and possibly Chelsea) behind bars, but also Barack Obama, Eric Holder, John and Anthony Podesta, Frank Giustra, Robert Mueller — and Rod Rosenstein.”