Our Very Biggest Threat

Our Very Biggest Threat

From: GemStatePatriot.com             

Manipulation of the Popular and Electoral College Votes


In my opinion, short of dirty voting schemes and fixes of all kinds, given a proper accounting for popular votes and commensurate Electoral College votes, Donald Trump should win the election overwhelmingly. I don’t believe polls!

Lying ‘Crooked Hillary’ has way too much baggage with numerous well documented scandals, ineptnesslies, and health issuesagainst Donald Trump’s many real world accomplishments and sheer vigor. Sure he can be grating, and overzealous and will most assuredly make some mistakes, but what President hasn’t? He has much to learn but knows how to effectively hire, fire, and manage and understands the two things America is crying for most. Accountability and a government that truly will NOT be run by an establishment, but will work for the people to right our ship of governance. The powerful establishment, their comrades at the UN and all followers are livid about that prospect.

With the right advisers, I believe he will catch on to how our government should constitutionally work and he will make us proud cleaning up many abuses of government and its unconstitutional myriad numbers of bureaus and agencies.


Citizens of the United States do not directly elect the president or the vice president; instead they elect representatives called “electors”, who usually pledge to vote for particular presidential and vice presidential candidates. A reminder, Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the election via the Electoral College vote. So our big concern should be how much of the fix is in with electors who might be greased from the Clinton Foundation or George Soros types or one of their shadowy shell organizations. Electors can switch their support at any time, right up until the actual voting process. All states should get commitments prior to the election that all these electors vote with their states’ popular or legislators votes depending on their states rules. Period! Polling at 270towin.com shows Clinton with 222 electoral votes and Trump with 163 votes now. Trump’s needed 107 undecideds and Never Trumper$ (KaChing!) may hand her the election.

Sheer power and such unfathomable large sums of money are on the line if the establishment loses its reigns over our government. We need to expect both all types of corruption in the popular vote, as well with the electors of the Electoral College. Some very, very big money will be all too available for those willing to sell their soul to the devil.


Electronic voting is all too vulnerable and should not be used and early voting by mail should be curtailed except for the military and verified citizens abroad. Stateside mail-ins should be highly scrutinized with verification. The Obama administration is already proclaiming a threat of ‘Russian Hackers,’ which I suspect to be another ruse by the establishment/One World Order/Obama comrades to insert Federal Involvement in Elections.

Also, I firmly believe all voting should be done like we do here in Idaho, non-electronically and only with approved voter ID! Anything else is an invitation for fraud and abuse. The penchant desire of the federal government and the UN to insert themselves into our elections reminds me of hearing Vince Lombardi saying “What the hell is going on here?!!!”


Quoting from the U.S. National Archives & Records Administration, “There is no Constitutional provision or Federal law that requires Electors to vote according to the results of the popular vote in their states. Some states, however, require Electors to cast their votes according to the popular vote. These pledges fall into two categories—Electors bound by state law and those bound by pledges to political parties.

“The U.S. Supreme Court has held that the Constitution does not require that Electors be completely free to act as they choose and therefore, political parties may extract pledges from electors to vote for the parties’ nominees. Some state laws provide that so-called “faithless Electors” may be subject to fines or may be disqualified for casting an invalid vote and be replaced by a substitute elector. The Supreme Court has not specifically ruled on the question of whether pledges and penalties for failure to vote as pledged may be enforced under the Constitution. No Elector has ever been prosecuted for failing to vote as pledged.

“Today, it is rare for Electors to disregard the popular vote by casting their electoral vote for someone other than their party’s candidate. Electors generally hold a leadership position in their party or were chosen to recognize years of loyal service to the party. Throughout our history as a nation, more than 99 percent of Electors have voted as pledged.”

But that was then and this NOW! Hillaryville!!! Who would have believed ‘Teflon’ Hillary would escape justice this long?

I also found at the Wikileaks site “Except for the electors in Maine and Nebraska, electors are elected on a “winner-take-all” basis.[5] That is, all electors pledged to the presidential candidate who wins the most votes in a state become electors for that state. Maine and Nebraska use the “congressional district method”, selecting one elector within each congressional district by popular vote and selecting the remaining two electors by a statewide popular vote.[6] Although no elector is required by federal law to honor a pledge, there have been very few occasions when an elector voted contrary to a pledge.[7][8] The Twelfth Amendment, in specifying how a president and vice president are elected, requires each elector to cast one vote for president and another vote for vice president.”


From Ballotpedia.org, “The U.S. Constitution does not dictate how presidential electors are to cast their votes, but, in general, electors are expected to vote for the winner of the popular vote in their state or the candidates of the party that nominated them to serve as electors. Electors who choose not to vote for the winner of the popular vote or the candidates of the party that nominated them are known as “faithless electors.” Faithless electors are rare. Between 1900 and 2012, there were only eight known instances of faithless electors.

“Several states have passed laws against faithless electors and require electors to vote for the winner of the popular vote in their state, for the candidate of the party that nominated them to serve as electors, or in accordance with any pledge they may have been required to make at the time of their nomination. In states with these types of laws, faithless electors can be fined or their votes can be nullified and replaced by the party. No faithless elector has ever faced prosecution, and the Supreme Court has never weighed in on the constitutionality of prosecuting them.[3][4]

“Idaho is one of 20 states in 2016 without a law seeking to bind the votes of presidential electors.”

So, “not to worry,” right? BELIEVE ME, IT IS DEFINITELY TIME TO WORRY! There will be some really BIG $ offered for voting for the establishment’s ‘Crooked Hillary.’ Remember, ‘no elector is required by federal law to honor a pledge!’


Although electors may actually vote as they wish regardless of their commitments, in this most important election in the history of our republic, electors need to be forewarned of the circumstances they face for not voting with their state’s popular or legislators’ vote! I state constantly that violation of the public trust is the most heinous of crimes and I think in this most volatile election environment if ‘Crooked Hillary’ steals the election by electors being paid off, those greedy bastards deserve a punishment that cannot be severe enough. The worst I can think of would be to be imprisoned in a condition that exposes endless recordings of Hillary’s shrill voice railing on and having to watch videos of her waddling about while coughing. I know that is ugly, but short of hell, that seems like a fitting punishment. In reality, if ‘pay for play’ electors are responsible for Hillary stealing the election citizens must go out of their way to spurn them as marked men and find ways to make them pay for their patriotic indiscretion and ruinous decision till hell freezes over.

Justice has been stolen from dealing with ‘Crooked Hillary’s many crimes. Do you not believe that there will be an all-out effort to steal Electoral College votes by these very driven forces? If ‘Crooked Hillary’ wins, America as we have known it is over, as I see it. Be aware that these extremely nefarious forces will stop at nothing to steal this election. Voters be vigilant and Patriot Up!