We are becoming socialists. Is that ok with you?

We are becoming socialists. Is that ok with you?

Reality Today Includes Trade-offs

In the ‘perfect world’ expounded on endlessly from utopian progressives who control the media, Hollywood and the sorry socialist education system to which we’ve been subjugated, they are constantly demanding fairness, assistance, social justice and re-distribution. They do not want you to acknowledge the trade-offs for all their purported goodness and freebies. As certain as Newton’s Law of Physics ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action,’ the same can be said for the balance sheet for life in America. There is no something for nothing!

Socialism’s trade-off of course, being that we give up individual freedoms, (in young-speak – let’s make that ‘opportunities’). That means when an employer is forced to pay higher minimum wages his balance sheet’s reaction is to either raises prices or cut back on staff. Nothing for nothing. A business must make a profit. So what good is a $15.00 minimum wage if it kills the golden goose? Life’s trade-offs can be a bummer!

Every program the government creates has a very simple basis for its existence, ‘It must be supported with money derived from our taxpaying pockets.’ So like the business owner who must decide to either cut back overhead (lay off employees) or increase prices which may run off business, America cannot sustain the largesse of all these programs and subsidies that are killing our nation’s balance sheet forever. Government itself is killing us!

Ralph R. Reiland, in his ‘Good and Bad Economics’ in The New American magazine quotes Henry Hazlitt in his 1946 best-selling book ‘Economics in One Lesson’: “There is, warned Hazlitt, a “persistent tendency to see only the immediate effects of a given policy” while overlooking long-run effects, secondary consequences and less instantly visible effects.

“In this lies the whole difference between good economics and bad,” asserted Hazlitt. “The bad economist sees only what immediately strikes the eye. The good economist also looks beyond.”

American businesses cannot compete with other countries’ businesses that don’t have the strangulating costs of all our government’s laws, regulations, rules and taxes, so our businesses’ balance sheets are dictating that they not only cannot hire but are unfortunately being forced to lay off and worse yet way too many businesses have had to close their doors. These are the trade-offs of the progressive left’s and Neo-Con right’s ‘Big Gov’ actions who purportedly know what’s best for everyone in their know-it-all scheme of things. Of course, anyone with real common sense recognizes that this ruse is really to gain power and control by taking care of the weak-minded among us who don’t understand what America is really about in an unspoken quid pro quo for votes to keep the freebies coming. And worsening all this stricture is the incredibly deceitful and extremely dangerous Free Trade Agenda being foisted upon us largely by republicans who have bought into lies, money or both including our illustrious ‘men from Idaho’ who are hanging out with or being influenced by some of the wrong people in D.C. The Canada Free Press also has a most insightful article ‘Examining Trans Pacific Partnership’ which details the deceit and dangers of the ‘free trade’ agenda.

A reminder: America was not founded as a magic place where help is abundant and stuff is free. America is about FREEDOM! Freedom to pursue whatever level of attainment you wish. If you wish to have a job, a small secure home, a car, a wife, a child, a dog and a TV and do so, you are no less a success than the man who owns a business, with a mansion and much else than you. Success is about reaching your personal goal. And failure is not a measure of character, it is a learning experience and the character comes in at capitalizing on what was learned and moving forward. The trade-offs for guarantees like minimum wages and job security conversely harm our system competitively, de-incentivize and like all subsidies must be paid for by others. The trade-off for all the socialist programs pushed by Big Gov is that our commerce and our remaining taxpayers who still have jobs are taking the hit. Things are not quite the same as they used be, eh’ comrade?

So why are we putting up with these Marxists-like crazies on the left and sorry neo-cons on the right in elected office overrunning our government with unlimited unconstitutional folly that is outright taking down our beloved, once vibrant, America? The answer is simple. Because we are getting the government we deserve. We deserve it because we haven’t been vigilant and we have been too trusting of elected Representatives, Senators and Presidents who have been very busy violating the Constitution and the public trust, which I feel is the most heinous of crimes. Americans today are laissez faire complacent and far too accepting of the propagandized news we are being fed, the socialist messages woven into movies and TV programming and not raising hell with school districts’ involvement with Common Core’s socialism.

The only way America can be saved is for voters to be awakened and becoming activists. Activists who must inform others about the Constitution, follow issues and voting records and then do our civic responsibility and identify who in elected office is killing America and send them back from whence they came to be replaced by someone who patriotically knows what America is about, the Constitution and their responsibility to say no to unfettered government growth. You can join The John Birch Society for immediate direction and help in your new pursuit of restoring America.

And I say also, that our legislators need to commit to developing a plan on how to get others joining in a focused effort to reverse most of what has been put upon us, nullify all the new social tenents from the feds, and return us to our most competitive stance in world competition. The trade-off then for eliminating agencies, bureaus, laws, regulations and taxes and stopping future runaway government growth through nullification will be that opportunities and jobs will flourish once again. If we can put men on the moon, this can be done with the same resolve.

I believe everyone that takes the Oath to our Constitution should have to pass a test certifying that they fully understand the Constitution before they take the oath. Of course, that would require a law or regulation that would be only in my dreams. If this new requirement were a reality, then after the test they should be instructed that issues being voted on will be measured against the Constitution, recorded and it will be made public record. This is a management matrix that makes the best of good sense. It just amazes me how so many elected representatives who take an oath to our Constitution don’t really care a whit about truly understanding it and following it even though they swore to uphold it.

Words to remember: Excerpts from ‘Overview of America’ video which can be seen at jbs.org by the John Birch Society:

“The Constitution was created to govern the government, not the people, and not the states, each of which is a guardian of its own sovereignty.

“The Constitution, our firm foundation:

“It wasn’t what government did that made America great. It was what government was prevented from doing that made the difference.

“What set America apart from other lands was freedom for the individual. Freedom to work, to produce, to succeed and especially to keep the fruits of one’s labor.

“America became great precisely because the stifling effect of too much government had been prevented.

“However, freedom in America was not totally unrestrained, Americans overwhelmingly chose to limit their actions with moral codes such as the biblical Ten Commandments.

“Personal morality and limited government; it’s the combination that characterized America and made it the envy of the world.”

And lastly summing it all up is one of my favorite statements in the video: “The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government” – Unquote from ‘Overview of America’