The Devil Is In the Details & Paying Attention!

The Devil Is In the Details & Paying Attention!



Idaho’s U.S. Representatives and Senators are absolutely NOT PAYING ATTENTION to all the hard facts and reality of the much hyped, mammoth and very deceitful ‘FREE Trade’ laws about to be foisted upon us. They are not paying attention because they keep saying that they believe in ‘free trade.’ What great sounding two words. Almost sounds as good as ‘affordable health care.’ THIS HAS PRACTICALLY NOTHING TO DO WITH FREE TRADE AS SURE AS OBAMACARE IS NOT AFFORDABLE WITHOUT TAX PAYER SUBSIDIES! This is all a design by ‘orchestrating others’ to take us down. There is no hype in this article, just factual ‘reality.’ Read on.


Idaho’s U.S. legislators just received from me and others a tribute for having the highest score among all the states’ legislators for voting with our Constitution in the 2 year 113th Congress. None of them were perfect, although Rep. Raul Labrador was perfect in two sessions and Senators Crapo and Risch were perfect in one session each. If legislators were almost perfect in following the Constitution and the law but then you learned they are planning to rob your bank with all your uninsured savings in it, how would you feel about them? And again, please excuse me for not feeling so gentlemanly about this subject of what they would like to assure us “is free trade and our businesses need it,” when it is absolutely a much bigger lie than ObamaCare was and when they are only listening to the wrong people. The pitching of high-pressure, arm-twisting, blatant lies are being repeated from their leadership, lobbyists, the biased and corrupt U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Council on Foreign Relations and the UN, who have convinced them that they should be for ‘free trade,’ just like during the disastrous NAFTA debacle. See ‘Using Phony Job and Export Claims to Push TPP Fast Track’ and ‘Latest Jobs Report Deceptive; Jobs Exported Overseas.’


We are very concerned about our men’s true understanding and resolve on this most dangerous issue. Our men in Washington have been much better than most at most of what they deal with as their voting records testify. But they are not paying good enough attention to the ‘realities’ of this issue as it will ultimately not bode well for our, freedoms, commerce and sovereignty as a nation. Ten times worse than NAFTA, some have said.


America has suffered ruinous results from the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and now these same propagandists would have us follow their empty promises right off a cliff just like the lemmings of mythical lore.


Idaho’s U.S. Senators and Representatives have acknowledged that they are not big on the hustle of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which is the new name for Fast Track Authority that usurps Congress’s responsibility for such negotiations to Obama which is being pushed on them by republican leaders Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Ron Paul, Paul Ryan and others. That’s good if in fact they don’t vote for it after all for some lame excuse. But they have all stated that they are for ‘free trade’which has traditionally involved primarily tariff negotiations. These are not tariff negotiations! They are POISON PILLS! Pay attention!


These ‘free trade’ programs are: 1. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) involving a (currently) proposed 12 pacific partners and it is suspected that China will join later, 2. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which is designed to take us into eventual partnership with the EU and complete our transition into a member state of a global government run by unaccountable, unelected global power elitists who know best about everything for everybody (the perfect answer to all this messy government that’s gone afoul on us – we just do what we are told, we get 1 apartment, 1 car, 1 kid, 1 job… and everything else – when and where.)


What do these issues have to do with free tradeClimate change • sustainable development• internet regulation • homeland security • the military • labor • patent and copyright including intellectual property rights • land use • food • agriculture and product standards • natural resources • the environment • professional licensing • competition • state-owned enterprises • government procurement policies as well as financial policies • healthcare • energy • e-commerce • telecommunications and other service sector regulations. – Nothing! And what do international courts have to do with trade? Nothing! But it is all part of the pending FTA’s as per the 151 house democrats’ letter to Obama in November 2013 opposing fast track, the secrecy, and all these un-related issues that should not be included in these negotiations.


U.S. Congress lackeys and sorry Presidents from both parties have been busily not following our Constitution while ‘following the money’ and staying in lockstep for too long with the likes of the Council on Foreign Relations and the U.N. creating endless agencies, laws, regulations and taxes to micromanage about every area of our lives. They’ve effectively been choking the life out of our freedoms and especially killing the ability of our businesses to compete with international competitors who do not have such financial restraints. And now the puppeteers orchestrating our take down want to finish us off with this really big, extremely deceitful thing called ‘free trade.’ THE BIG POISON PILL!


It would be great if some big money donors could get through to our men in Washington with a message of awakening. There has to be a way to get through to these guys. I’m tiring of writing about this same stuff, attending their town halls and finding out they still don’t get it. I’m coming to the thinking that they really are part of the problem.


What we really need is for our heretofore great men to not only get it but to take a stand as orators in their halls and rally the sheep of the party’s machines before this goes down and us and our grandchildren with it.


I encourage you to discover what these proposed poison pills called TPP and TTIP being hustled through the TPA really are, most succinctly by reading about ‘reality’ from the wisdom of William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American magazine, in his article Trade Promotion Authority: Another Rush Job on Fast Track.’