President Trump, Release the Docs, Cuff Them All and Lock Her Up!

President Trump, Release the Docs, Cuff Them All and…


Constitutionally minded Americans are fed up! It’s time for justice.

There’s never been such abundant documented substantiation for charges against so many high-level leaders of government as there is against the hierarchy of the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and FBI currently. Unless, you’re not listening to real news on such as Fox News and Fox Business News, or other responsible Constitutional conservative media you might not realize this.

Over the last year and a half that special prosecutor Mueller has been wasting millions of our tax dollars on a political ruse it has proven itself to be an utter criminal enterprise generated by the DOJ itself. His 13 member team is all hardened Democrat attorneys who are Deep State never Trumpers. Where can be the justice in all that?

These treasonous vermin are dedicated to taking down our wonderful president and do all they can to succeed on their path toward taking away our great republic that they were so close to accomplishing with the criminal female Clinton.

Since both the DOJ and FBI answer to the president many Americans wonder why he hasn’t come down on them. A close friend of mine says he believes President Trump has held back allowing them more time for building a stronger case against them and a lot more rope to hang themselves. If so, I wish he’d get down to pulling the lever.

Many lawfully responsible members of the FBI who are dedicated real Americans are ashamed and actually sickened by their leaders’ many violations of code and criminal law including treason and it is often affecting their work.


Judicial Watch in their Special Report ‘Exposing the Deep State’ reports:

“If the rule of law is to survive, if America’s constitutional protections are to endure, it is essential to roll back the sinister secrecy that allows, indeed encourages those operating in the Deep State to hold themselves above the law and beyond the Constitution.

“There is a way to rein in the Deep State but it requires a commitment to extreme transparency by elected officials. It requires determined leadership from the White House and serious bi-partisan action on the part of a committed Congress to expose the goings on inside the permanent D.C. bureaucracy and the connections between the Deep Staters, the media and the outside agents of influence.

“There is plenty of blame to go around for the transparency failures that foster the Deep State, most recently the Obama administration’s executive overreach and the veil of secrecy President Obama pulled over his administration to hide it. And now, unbelievably, those same secrecy policies seem to be on auto-pilot in the Trump administration. Thankfully, though, when it comes to sunshine actions, the Trump White House has a solution at hand – if only it would use it – that is both elegantly simple and breathtakingly radical. The Freedom of Information Act allows for the executive branch to make “discretionary disclosures.”

As Judicial Watch Director of Investigations, Chris Farrell has noted: “In plain English, that means President Trump and his cabinet secretaries can release whatever they want—whenever they wish to do so. They can exercise their discretion to release records that are of broad general and news media interest concerning important policy issues and/or the operation of the federal government. These discretionary disclosures take nothing more than the stroke of a pen.”


I can understand how it might be pretty close to impossible, even perhaps impractical to follow my wish for that which Constitutional law-abiding conservatives who know what America is supposed to be about would relish witnessing: That would be sending in the Marshall Service and videoing their serving arrest warrants and handcuffing DOJ and FBI leaders for their many obvious violations of law.

The humiliating image of handcuffs would make an impactful and unforgettable lasting and deserving statement that should be made, since the Teflon democrat elites have flaunted their noses at us and lady justice with blatant violations of law for so long.

Never mind the effect of the fake news big media reporting on such a historic precedential event, that Justice has been begging for, since everyone is used to nothing but attacks from them on everything President Trump does anyway. Go for the gold Mr. President. Make a loud statement about justice denied vs. the pursuit of justice applied by cuffing them all and let our courts sort it out.

Replace them with out of the beltway stock with credentials following our Constitution and the rule of law instead of the marching orders of the Deep State from the Council on Foreign Relations.

There is obviously more than enough evidence already reported on by the real news community and imagine the treasure trove of additional supporting evidence that releasing all the unredacted FISA documents and thousands more that have been refused even after receiving subpoenas from congressional committees.

The following list contains links to info about actual violations of law and even treason.

And finally… Jeff Sessions  No Handcuffs/No Crime. — But forced resignation for failure to comply with responsibilities is in order.

States Lindsey Graham on Sessions: “The President’s entitled to having an attorney general he has faith in, somebody that is qualified for the job and I think there will come a time sooner rather than later where it will be time to have a new face and a fresh voice at the Department of Justice. Clearly, Attorney General Sessions doesn’t have the confidence of the President.”


Nothing would make a stronger statement than immediately taking down both Clintons! The ‘Super Teflon’ Clinton crime couple should be arrested in a high profile manner that no one will ever forget. This couple is the most significant crimesters in America today and maybe in our history when you consider the duration of their long list of crimes including treason and that they’ve never faced a criminal court. See: ‘Clinton “Friends” Who Knew Too Much’

America must get back to: ‘With liberty and justice for all!’