Congressional Republicans: Get Constitutional, Get RIGHT or Get Gone!

Congressional Republicans: Get Constitutional, Get RIGHT or Get Gone!


Much has been expected of the victorious GOP utopian control of both houses and the presidency, and thanks to bottleneck leadership and waffling GOP members in both houses this 115th Congress can accomplish being the most inept and biggest disappointment our nation has ever experienced because it is at the precise time that everything is on the line. Our Republic is at imminent risk of doom.

Should you have a difficult time appreciating this, just think of what would have happened to us had Hillary been successful.Now, realize, that should the GOP blow it as they have evidenced by their many inactions and disappointments so far in this Congress, what would happen should the Dimms reap victory next time by capitalizing on these GOP many failures undermining our President’s and his voters’ agenda.


We already have become quite socialistic and far removed from the Constitutional Republic our insightful founders blessed us with, and so many patriotic Americans fought and died to protect for us. We might not come back from much more of this socialist agenda that is so destructive to a free capitalist society. As intended, socialism erodes freedoms with others making decisions for citizens. Naïve Americans are literally the proverbial frogs in pots of boiling water.

The Council on Foreign Relations’ (CFR) controlled establishment leaders in both parties have led us close to dissolving as a sovereign nation and transitioning through trade programs like NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and the proposed TPP & TTIP into a member nation of, at first, maybe the North American Union (NAU) probably overseen at first by the UN.

This drive is now in a full court press from the progressive crazies on the left, their propagandists media and now aided full bore by sorry RINO’s that don’t follow their Republican Party Platform, and, like the Democrats, don’t honor their oaths to the Constitution. This clandestine, ‘anti-American machine’ plot aided by the main stream media’s ‘Fake News’ has become so effective they are now tasting blood.

Ryan and McConnell are masters at plying manipulative schemes of their puppet masters while casting a caring appearance and always substantiating their ploys as righteous, budgetary, meaningful, and for the children, etc.

If these lackey RINO’s don’t find their backbones and start honoring the oaths they swore to our Constitution and their campaign promises to repeal Obamacare they need to hear the wrath and feel actual pain from citizens in the voting booths. Congressional GOP members also must expunge the CFR controlled establishment’s puppets, Ryan and McConnell, before they lose both houses and the presidency.


America used to have the best health care in the world and Obamacare has turned it upside down. That is now an undisputed fact! We remember too well all the deceitful Obama promises that turned out to be bald face lies: “You can keep your plan.” “You can keep your doctor.” “You will save about $1500 in premiums.”

This socialist tool known as Obamacare has been actually all about implementing a lot of regulations, mandates, 30 hour work weeks to create 2nd part time jobs to enhance job reports while also serving as the yardstick for determining full-time status for the employers’ mandate to provide Obamacare for employees, costly program expansions like extended Medicaid, Doctors leaving their practices, tax payer subsidized medicine and the such that would ultimately render the program a complete and utter failure hastening the announcement of the ‘actual’ inevitable plan to declare a single pay program necessary.

A friend says, “I would like to see ‘single payer’ called what it is, centralized government subsidized health care, drawing from the general fund, and leading to attempts to control every aspect of our lives in an ‘effort to control costs…’” – i.e. We’d pay much higher taxes and healthcare would be poorly run just like the V.A. has been with no freedom to choose.

Insurance companies and American citizens would get three strikes each and Socialism in America would get a home run.


Senator Rand Paul recently said, “Those who are opposed to a straight repeal of Obamacare are of the opinion that this is all about actuarial tables and it is not. It is about freedom. Americans have always been able to freely select the best and most affordable coverage for themselves and those who can’t afford health care have never been turned away from emergency rooms.”

Alex Newman in reports, “Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), among a select group of lawmakers in Washington with loyalty to the Constitution, blamed crony capitalists and their lobbyists for trying to sink the repeal effort. ‘How did the GOP lose its nerve and run away from meaningful repeal? Look no further than the billion dollar insurance companies,’ the liberty-minded senator wrote on the website. ‘The insurance industry, titans of crony capitalism, whined and whined that repeal alone would cause premiums to rise. Insurers to drop out. Americans to lose coverage. Really? You mean exactly what is happening now under Obamacare?’ In fact, because the repeal failed, Paul said the same thing would continue happening — premiums will ‘skyrocket,’ insurers will jump ship, and Americans will have fewer choices.

“But the insurance companies circling D.C. like vultures are not done yet. ‘What did the insurance companies want? Well, your money of course,’ Paul explained. ‘It, apparently, is not enough to gouge us with the doubling of premiums; the insurance companies also lobbied, and lobbied hard, for a giant insurance bailout superfund. And, with compliant big government Republicans, they finally porked it up to nearly $300 billion. Obscene. The GOP pork-fest offered to exchange Medicaid dollars for insurance profits. No wonder the bill had a 20 percent approval by the public.’”


This recent healthcare debacle has shown that both houses’ GOP members and their leaders who professed to be supportive of the President’s intent to repeal Obamacare during his election and inauguration periods promptly transitioned right into a festering endeavor with the leaders becoming shut-off valves when it counted.

The straight repeal of Obamacare failed to pass a Senate vote last Wednesday, July 26th, because of seven two-faced Republicans. If these seven had voted to repeal Obamacare–as they promised–the motion would have passed 52-47. So the Senate vote to repeal Obamacare failed 55-45.

The seven senators who voted to KEEP the failing Affordable Care Act all campaigned on repealing Obamacare.

John McCain (R-AZ), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Susan Collins (R-ME), Dean Heller (R-NV), Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Rob Portman (R-OH) and Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) all either lied to their constituents, caved to the pressures of the CFR controlled establishment, took money or just proved how much of a wimp a RINO can be. At the same time, perhaps the main interest of some of them like anti-Trumper, Senator McCain could be undermining President Trump.

Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell claiming it is “time to move on,” prompted Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to say, I sadly feel a great many Americans will feel betrayed, that they were lied to, and that sentiment will not be unjustified. You cannot campaign against Obamacare and then vote for Obamacare.”


The reason the left wing of the CFR controlled establishment is so full of crazed fervor extolling endless vitriol is that, as Trevor Loudon reported at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Coeur d’Alene, they expected complete and total victory with the corrupt Hillary Clinton and all their designs to take us segueing ultimately into the New World Order via membership status in a globally run future controlled by unelected, unaccountable power elitists from the CFR/UN comrades who know best about everything for everybody.

So the reason that the CFR controlled establishment’s full court press is on with left leaning RINO’s is that they must stop at any cost the possibility that all their ill-gotten gains were for nothing.

Outsider, patriotic President Donald Trump is their worst nightmare! We need to pray for his safety and increased wisdom and effectivenessHe already has accomplished more in 6 months than any former President in that time period, IN SPITE OF ALL THE OBSTACLES STACKED ON HIM like congressional opposition to about everything and his only having about a third of his appointees confirmed compared to Obama’s appointees in this same time period.

A real bloodletting at the poles are in store for these Congressional GOP members who have traitorously turned on their campaign promises and others supporting the clandestine leadership.


Firstly, check voting records with our Constitution by going to the Freedom Index at We must contact our own elected representatives and senators and put the fear of God in them about voting records with the Constitution and then remind them of their promise to repeal Obamacare and all other campaign promises.

Unpatriotic, unconstitutionally minded politicians are either naïve, incompetent or corrupt. It matters not so much which it is, as it does that we recognize that they are our biggest problem.

Amid all the waffling, inactions and voting contrary to their campaign promises they need awakening, even if it has to be a rude awakening, or many of them will not be returning in the next election and some of them will be replaced by even sorrier Democrats and that’s a fact, Jack!