June 23rd ‘Independence Day’ for the Brits – Inspiration for Conservative Americans

June 23rd ‘Independence Day’ for the Brits – Inspiration…


Congratulations to our brothers in the United Kingdom for throwing off the shackles of their recent One World Government (OWG) mindset masters of the European Union (EU) made up of unaccountable, unelected, powerful global elitist who know what’s best for everyone about everything.

Other than Obama’s immigration plan being dealt the big blow by the Supreme Court yesterday, this is about the best news we have heard in a very long time. Seems during the world of Obamaville, all news has been bad, wrong, unconstitutional and bull%@#*! Now, if Sweden stands with their proclamation that they will follow the Brits and leave the EU also, then things over there might be on their way to a saner, more productive, more secure world and become even closer to other liberty loving countries such as ours. Especially if ours, does likewise and follows common sense and spurns the lying, conniving, treasonous, thief the sorry democrats are running for president.

Hopefully, this BREXIT event will create a domino effect in the world. By that I mean, wouldn’t it be great to start hearing a run of really good news for a change? Like other countries in the EU smelling the coffee and rediscovering liberty, national sovereignty and control of their borders. And then, we here in the U.S. need doing the same.


We need the same kind of good news in liberty loving America where our freedoms have been at first slowly eroding to recently being rapidly sucked away from us by our Manchurian President and our establishment run Congress.

Donald Trump may not be perfect, but he understands capitalism, has the experience to recognize how things must work to meet accountability standards, knows how to responsibly negotiate, gets things done under pressure and time constraints, is most certainly not given to the world of political correctness and not afraid to do some firing for which there is an abundance of need. And most importantly, he is clearly an authentic ‘born in America’ non-Muslim, American who will not try in every way to deceive us while constantly finding new ways of hurting us.

I believe, as soon as the Donald is up and running with some constitutional knowledge and political experience under his belt, he will begin eliminating strangulating regulations and taxes that cripple our businesses’ ability to compete in the world market. Taking that financial burden off the backs of American businessmen would allow them to pay higher wages and truly charge our commerce with its vital lifeblood, the freedom to compete.


Thankfully, Trump gets it on the damage the passage of the deceitful Trans Pacific Partnership will do to America’s competitiveness and most importantly to our sovereignty as a liberty loving nation of opportunities born of our freedoms. The establishment, run by the shadowy Council on Foreign Relations in lockstep with their comrades at the UN, and our own sorry global corporatists would have us all believe that this is all about fairer trade and nothing could be further from the truth. Of the 29 chapters of this deceitful ‘trade’ agreement there are only 5 chapters that actually deal with trade. The other 24 chapters are structured to take over control of much else.

What do these issues have to do with free trade:? Climate change • sustainable development • internet regulation • homeland security • the military • labor • patent and copyright including intellectual property rights • land use • food • agriculture and product standards • natural resources • the environment • professional licensing • competition • state-owned enterprises • government procurement policies as well as financial policies • healthcare • energy • e-commerce • telecommunications and other service sector regulations.

What person in the U.S. Congress has read all 5500 pages of the TPP chock full of legalese? So they are going to vote on it without knowing what is in it again? That’s a treasonous way of serving in Congress. Our senators and representatives were elected to know what they are voting on for our good and in keeping with our Constitution as per their oaths they swore to uphold. So not reading all this and knowing full well what is in it and how it will affect us makes them a sham.

What do international courts have to do with free trade? Nothing, but it is all part of the pending Free Trade Agenda as per the 151 house democrats’ letter to Obama back in November 2013 opposing fast track that was renamed Trade Promotion Authority, the secrecy, and all these un-related issues that should not be included in these negotiations. See: 10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose TPP and TTIP. Also, see: TPP & TTIP are bad enough, but TISA is catastrophic.

Members of the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) fanned out across Capitol Hill in April to support a national goal of balanced trade and smart tax reform while opposing dumb trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Also, a must read is “The People’s Economic Impact Statement for the TPP.”

According to a new report the United States is expected to see the smallest impact on GDP from the Trans-Pacific Partnership among member countries. On January 7, a letter showing opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership by more than 1,500 organizations that signed it was delivered to Congress. I’m proud to report that our neighboring city of Spokane, WA’s city council unanimously voted to oppose the TPP.


Do you remember when Congress voted to give up their exclusive responsibility for negotiating trade to Obama (a guy that couldn’t negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag) in a bill named the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) in May 2015? “The average Republican member received $19,673.28 from corporate TPP supporters” reported The Guardian for their votes to ‘fast track.’ Risch, Crapo and Simpson voted Yay. Labrador Nay.

U.S. Representative Raul Labrador told me at the Lincoln Day Dinner that he expects the vote on the TPP ‘trade’ agreement to come up in the lame duck congress after the election.

It will probably be Obama’s last ‘grand stand’ accomplishment for his ‘legacy building,’ and his last best shot at taking us down. Americans need to awaken to this treacherous threat to our liberties and our very sovereignty called the TPP and help stop it.

Truly, now Americans need the resolve of the Brits to get back to what brought us as liberty minded healthy capitalists that understand what we are about and rid ourselves of our socialist progressives and neocons in government that would lead us toward ‘controlling’ socialist style globalism.

Kudos to the Brits for the inspiration and…God Save the Queen.