Inflated Job Reports Are Result of 30-Hour Week Requiring 2nd Jobs

Inflated Job Reports Are Result of 30-Hour Week Requiring…

The 30-hour work week was thrust upon us by ObamaCare and the lost income had to be replaced by finding 2nd jobs by most affected workers. Those second jobs were counted as new jobs, which in fact they were, but should not count as jobs that put someone who has been out of work in a new job. Such has been the contrivance of the manipulating and propagandizing of the socialist world of Barack Hussein Obama (BHO).

It is of the simplest math: ½ + ½ = 1 not 2. Real new jobs, for the most part, are not there. These have been jobs that were split in half and shared, so to speak. I’ll work half of my job and work half of yours if you work the other half of mine. Great!!! But new jobs were really not created.

This was all done to bolster job reports. Fake job reports, if you will. Which are right in line with the current revealing of the fact that fake news abounds. This is all so in line with the observation that BHO expects anything that dribbles out of his golden mouth to be accepted to be fact, just because he said it.

The first time I heard the words “hope and change,” I had to say to my wife that change, especially fundamental change that will transform America can be a very bad thing! How prophetic I was. It is consoling to find out I was right but I wish I had been wrong. I feel great now, realizing that our recent election was a total repudiation of all BHO stood for.


Obama has been a guy with no private sector work experience, or for that matter because his records are still sealed, for all we know, absolutely no experience other than running his mouth as a ‘community organizer’ for socialist objectives and a ne’er-do-well politician with one very successful trait, the ability to skillfully lie while projecting a poker-faced presentation exuding confidence and sincerity. His handlers constantly kept him programmed, on teleprompters and an eye on him by his best bud & personal handler and fellow Chicagoan, Valerie Jarrett who like BHO is also a devout Muslim. Their transforming has actually ended thousands of jobs in energy, manufacturing, distribution, retail and across the spectrum.


These Americans realized that government doesn’t run anything well and certainly shouldn’t have a thing to do with healthcare. All the agencies, regulations and healthcare stuff have really been all about gaining control, a database and fundamentally transforming America into a member state of a global government run by unaccountable, unelected global elitists who know best about everything for everybody. Goodbye freedom.

Thank God for our Americans who know what America is truly about and voted for Donald Trump. Our very sovereignty as a free nation depends on secure borders, our rule of law being followed and enforced, and our resourceful culture restored to our winning ways of successful commerce in a Capitalist world free of strangulating regulations and excessive taxation by bureaus and agencies that truth be known, constitutionally, shouldn’t even exist.

With an astute businessman who knows how to accomplish success in a world that demands factual accountability at our helm and assisted by a like-minded team of seasoned business professionals focusing on what it takes to eliminate business strangulating taxes and regulations we will truly begin producing job reports that are not fake news but are heralding real ‘newly created’ jobs.

Needless to say, the 30 Hour European style work week needs to go the way of Brexit as soon as Mr. Trump is sworn in and bags ObamaCare. We are NOT Europe! We escaped Europe, remember? This is America! Like it or not BHO, real Americans like to work and earn our own money and not insanely play the dream world of socialism.