‘Trumping’ Trump

‘Trumping’ Trump

From: GemStatePatriot.com      

Donald Trump, still carrying his reality TV persona, says much that is right that is not being said by other timid, politically correct politicians and has enjoyed success in the polls because he has dead-on hit some of the correct position buttons on common sense topics citizens who hold traditional American values know in their hearts to be right. That, the right timing and his unabashed bravado have spelled good fortune for him with sky rocketing polls… so far.

Who among us is perfect, right? ‘The Donald’ is starting to wear thin with a lot of folks and it is about time for movement away from him. Trump appears hopelessly trapped in his world of acknowledged success so deeply he has overbought into his own infallibility. How, can a man expect to repeatedly, unnecessarily, slap down in such ugly ways others who aren’t deserving of his extreme degradations and believes such transgressions will be overlooked forever? He can’t. And he won’t.

The constant ‘I, I, I’ although a world apart in context reminds me too much of BO (Barack Obama). The narcissism is getting to become sickening and why can’t the man, who is very smart, (ask him), not catch on and get off his high horse? I believe nothing threatens to take him down more than a guy named Trump.

Questions of his political past notwithstanding and his lack of positions and lack of experience working in a system of laws and procedures in government and lack of Constitutional knowledge are a big concern for a man whose empire consists completely of people over whom he enjoys total control.

I knew the second I first heard the words ‘Hope and Change’ exit the mouth of BO that people should realize change can be a very bad thing. We don’t clearly understand all that Trump would change although some generalities sound great. However, single pay health insurance and 50% of Americans not paying any taxes at all are right out of a socialist democratic playbook. Might there be the smell of an independent candidacy wafting in the air after all?

Much of what Trump says taken correctly to fruition is direly needed by America right now. However, are we sure these are not just mere words like the familiar ones we’ve heard from way too many RINO republicans who so severely disappoint us. His irrational statements give cause to question. A lot of good Americans want to believe he is the real thing. Another Reagan if you will. Possibly close, but he is no Reagan. Ronald Reagan didn’t have a mean bone showing.

One last thought I equate to our BO experience, when he was busy lying his butt off in his introductory days, is the phenomenon of the large turn outs and surge in poll numbers that both BO and Trump received at this point in the long primary process. BO had his crazies, fools and naïve worshipers and ‘The Donald’ has had his ‘reality’ followers and a whole lot of real Americans that know we are going away as a nation and are fed up with lackluster ‘say anything,’ phony office holders everywhere. They equate Trumps vitriolic ways to their own anger. These Americans have allowed themselves to accept Trump’s bluntness as all they are looking for without studying the complete man. They now are tasting reality from his recent compulsions to run his mouth in a manner not becoming of a President and extremely tasteless anywhere.

Sure he could possibly make a good president with his successful business talents and negotiating skills, but he needs to adopt new disciplines and begins the hard work of studying issues before he pops off. This is not reality TV. A dash of humility would go a long way.

If there is anyone in this world that ‘The Donald’ will listen to, I wish that person would just tell him to sit down, shut up and listen to a short stint of coaching. He needs to can the ‘I, I, I,’ quit with all the bragging and ‘over the top’ vicious personal attacks, learn humility and start cramming on issue positions. These repeated, general “I’m going to so greatly…” type remarks are tiresome. We want red meat. Again, in my opinion, if he continues as is, he will be ‘Trumped’ by a guy named Trump! He truly has become his own worst enemy. His spurning Fox News will be a disaster for him; they were his most fair constant exposure.

Now if I’m wrong and Trump gets elected, by changing or not, I hope for the sake of our country’s future that he at least takes Ted Cruz as a Vice President who is so steeped in the Constitution he could serve as an anchor keeping the new President grounded in Constitutional law and correct procedures.


Trump’s numbers in the polls is a testament to how hungry Americans are for factual information and honest straight talking patriotic leadership in which they can believe. Now is the time for conservative organizations like Tea Parties and the Birchers to hold meetings about activism explaining to frustrated Americans how they can help Restore America. If you are not connected to such a conservative organization I urge you to contact such an organization. If you are a member of such an organization, start activating like never before. There may not be another chance as Americans.

I have benefited from membership in The John Birch Society for the last six years. I have found that while bringing solid information to fellow Americans is paramount, I also now understand the need to be involved simultaneously in stopping dangerous initiatives that are undermining our way of life and ignoring a variety of constitutional constraints.

Quoting from the ‘The John Birch Society Agenda,’ “The John Birch Society is an activist/educational organization whose members employ truth as their only weapon. We believe that when a sufficient number of citizens are made aware of what is happening throughout the world and who is making it happen, our nation will adopt a better course – both at the ballot box and in reversing the steady plunge toward socialism and total government.”

Wrapping this up is a totally unrelated quote from the great author and economist Thomas Sowell which is revealing, “When the history of corporate America is written, one of its most shameful chapters will be about how big business sold out to political correctness, by inflicting the harangues of “diversity consultants” on their employees and donating their stockholders’ money to advocacy groups opposed to the free market on which their existence depends.”

This seems like a subject Donald Trump is qualified to know about. Wouldn’t it be nice if he would speak to it, even admitting guilt if applicable, and embarrass the hell out of democrats and all the sorry RINO republicans who have taken for such ill purposes?