Hillary Can Be Convicted

Hillary Can Be Convicted

From: GemStatePatriot.com           

Nothing so sickens moral ethical people as do poker face liars, and chronic liars are to be avoided if at all possible. But people like Hillary Clinton take the art to heightened levels hardly comprehendible by trusting Americans. As I have said on several occasions, I believe that the violation of the public trust and the violation to a sacred oath to our Constitution should be recognized as the most heinous of crimes.

Americans who vet their news and follow original sources are sick and tired of Hillary and her sorry treasonous husband (check out Chinagate [from the book ‘Year of the Rat’] – it is the very treasonous scandal for which many believe the Monica Lewinski debacle served as a cover-up). These felonious Clintons could be viewed as ‘idolized models’ by imprisoned felons everywhere and are only successful at the level they enjoy because of the support and cover-ups afforded them by a duplicitous and equally sorry media and political comrades.

Scheming and manipulating might seem standard operating procedure to hardened politicians of a liberal or neocon bent but to Constitutional conservatives and folks that value traditional American values with religious upbringings Hillary and her highly successful partner in crime are revolting. Americans expect and deserve highly principled dedicated leaders, but we probably are getting these corruption unlimited types because as has been said before we get the government we deserve. In other words, we haven’t been paying attention and have been way too trusting of these poker faces and the sorry media. Americans must find their vigilance and start becoming wary of all that is said by politicians, start watching actual voting records by following the Freedom Indexes for the U.S. Congress at TheFreedomIndex@JBS.org and for the state of Idaho at IdahoFreedomIndex.com and fire elected officials who are not following our rule of law through the Constitution.

Nowhere in recent history are there people in public office with such high visibility and outright transparency that have committed so much outright crime against the state and continually not had to answer for them as these two Clintons. But for this column, just speaking about Hillary, you should check out: HILLARY’S 22 BIGGEST SCANDALS EVER.


Most recently, bombshell statements were made by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano as a guest on Fox News’ Your World With Neil Cavuto identifying the grounds on which Hillary should be indicted.

The transcript from Judge Andrew P. Napolitano’s appearance on Neil Cavuto’s show on Monday, Nov 1, 2015: “We know from the most recent email dump that always seems to come out on a Friday, that not only was she informed by the CIA that Ambassador Stevens was killed by Al Caida and she learned that within 12 hours of his death and she told her daughter, Chelsea in an email and the then Prime Minister of Egypt in an email, but we now know that her own embassy staff, people who work for her in Tripoli, Libya were saying ‘Don’t push the video. The Libyans haven’t seen the video. This video might be a big deal in the media in the United States, but we haven’t even seen it here. Chris was killed by really bad guys, he wasn’t killed by demonstrators upset by a video.’ So she knew what the truth was, she knew her own people were rejecting the video.

“Fast forward two days now, Andrews Air Force Base, Chris Steven’s body and the bodies of the three guards are received there by her. She receives them in her capacity as their boss in the State Department, they work for her. What does she say to the families and to the military and to the diplomats gathered there? ‘They were killed by demonstrators who watched a video about Mohammed.’ So she perpetuated this lie, knowing full well that it was untrue to the families of the deceased, to the media, to her own colleagues in the State Department, many of whom were there and knew she was lying.

“She has given the FBI additional grounds because of the deception before Congress. It is not a crime for her to deceive the rest of the State Department or the public, but it is when she goes before Congress. And because of her lying about whether or not she knew that weapons were getting into the hands of rebels, Al Caida, who eventually killed Chris Stevens with American weapons and American bullets.

“If the FBI recommends an indictment and the West Wing of the White House puts the kibosh on it, I predict that you will see a copy of the indictment leaked and I predict that you will see the evidence behind the indictment leaked and you’ll see resignations in the FBI. And the political fallout from that will be as disastrous to her Presidential aspirations as if she had actually been indicted. And that is because she will have been saved from indictment, not because she was innocent but because she was the President’s friend.

If the White House stays out of this, I think she gets indicted on these grounds:

  • Espionage
  • The failure to secure national security secrets
  • Destruction of government property
  • The failure to return to the government all the emails that she stole
  • Lying to a federal judge about whether or not she surrendered all the emails in her custody
  • Lying to Congress about her awareness of the arms to rebels deal, which she authored, authorized and denied under oath.”
  • Unquote from Judge Napolitano

Wrapping this up is another Judge Napolitano quote from his ‘The Freedom Answer Book,’ “If we wish to survive the near future with our rights intact, we need to understand the size and scope of the threat. We must also understand its true identity: a government that breaks its own laws.”

So where is America’s moral compass pointing and where is our will?