America: What We Are About

America: What We Are About


“Freedom is difficult to understand because it isn’t a presence but an absence — of governmental constraint.” — “A Time for Truth,” William E. Simon, Secretary of the Treasury for Presidents Nixon and Ford

America: ‘In a nutshell:’

The United States was born out of the insatiable human longing for freedom.
  1. Pure Freedom is Pure Capitalism with a limited government and the moral code found in the 10 Commandants.
  2. Capitalism is the freedom to succeed in starting your own business or making an investment.
  3. But the price of that Freedom must be that there can’t be any guaranteessubsidies or forgiveness/bailouts.
  4. Business failure is not fatal, it is a lesson learned and one moves on, strengthened from the experience.
  5. The purpose of business is to make a profit. Accountability must reign.
  6. Business taxes and regulations are line item costs and passed on causing price increases and inflation.
  7. Immigration laws must be enforced with legal immigrants assimilating and learning to speak English.
  8. Redistribution of wealth is counterproductive, condoning and encouraging complacency.
  9. People should not be paid for doing nothing. Workfare makes sense, welfare does not.
  10. Large minimum wages are budget breakers restricting hiring and affecting competiveness and price increases.
  11. Government cannot take care of everything. Can you say: Socialism, Marxism & Communism?
  12. But now we have plunged into Obamaville and we’re truly under-going fundamental change.

They say 13 is an unlucky number. Do you think?

In Obamaville: Our lifeblood Productive Engine is going away. Freedom is dissolving due to insane liberalism.

And lastly: Drilling HERE and NOW, building pipe lines, building safe Nuclear Plants, harvesting clean coal, and requiring alternate energy technology to earn accountability and become free-standing without tax payer subsidation is imperative!(Speaking about prairie chickens around oil wells and pipelines: Have you ever heard of the thousands of birds killed by windmills?)

Another timely quote again from William Simon in his 1979 book, ‘A Time for Truth’:

“Too many Americans have assumed immense intelligence in the liberal world and concluded that when liberals destroyed U.S. production, they knew what they were doing — i.e. that they were guilty of a conspiracy. They are not conspirators, they are intellectual basket cases in the realm of basic economics.”

Actually, on this one, my beloved patriot William Simon is partially wrong. He was right that those minions down the chain of command were probably ‘intellectual basket cases in the realm of basic economics,’ but their leaders were most certainly what we hear referred to these days as the establishment and they definitely have globalists’ plans for us.

America is way down in spirits right now. Our majority citizenry, businesses and groups need to smell the coffee, do what we must to vocally and legally tell these, small minority, extreme crazies on the far left in the courts, universities, media and politics that have been crippling our system to shut up and sit down. Let’s get back up, dust ourselves off and be what we can be, real self-reliant patriotic Americans and get in their faces with truth and righteousness. Let’s get back to what brought us, stated so well in our wonderful Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution. A nation of winners wrought of the Freedom that drives us. Hey, Obama, no wealth re-distribution, here. Go to one of your imaginary extra 7 states you said we have and wear yourself out. This is America!!!