Ahh… One World Government, No More Wars, No More Politics… Pure Socialism — Utopia

Ahh… One World Government, No More Wars, No More…

From: GemStatePatriot.com           

Can socialism be a good thing? Just about everybody in Washington DC are socialists already, no matter what they say. Now just imagine once the globalists complete their agenda… we will have no more messy politics and no more wars. Pure socialism: everybody gets the same money, the same digs (probably an apartment), number of cars, children and all aspects of our lives are decided upon for us by ‘others.’ Free everything, no mess, no stress. Never mind that the ‘others‘ are unaccountable, unelected global power elitist who know best for you about everything.

Just do as you’re told when you’re told and you will be as happy as the late Soviet Union’s citizens were living in their dismal circumstances of complete government control. There was one thing missing to make it work. Work. Work that could have come from taxes of successful businesses and their employees.

With socialism no more entrepreneurs’ great exciting new products will enter your life, because why should anyone entreprenue (my word) for no reward due to socialism’s equality doctrine. All of our heretofore greatness came from the creativity and energy of our hungry opportunists entrepreneurs chasing their rainbows’ rewards. See the Lure of Socialism by Thomas Sowell.

In the ‘perfect world’ expounded on endlessly from utopian progressives who control the media, Hollywood and the sorry socialist education system to which we’ve been subjugated, they are constantly demanding fairness, assistance, social justice and re-distribution. They do not want you to acknowledge the trade-offs for all their purported goodness and freebies. As certain as Newton’s Law of Physics ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action,’ the same can be said for the balance sheet for life in America. There is no something for nothing!

Every program the government creates has a very simple basis for its existence, ‘It must be supported with money derived from our taxpaying pockets.’ Government itself is killing us with too many freebies, subsidies, wastes, regulations and taxes! Socialism has never succeeded in any government and it certainly cannot succeed in this insane environment. What’s a good socialist to do?